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3342 Los Prados Street, San Mateo, CA

House Description:

2 Townhomes Series

  • Crofton, MD
  • From $410s - $500s3 -
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 2.5 - 4 Bathrooms
  • 2,074 - 3,028 Sq. Ft.
  • Sold
2085 St. Francis Way, SAN CARLOS, CA
  • Just Listed
2430 Coronet Blvd, Belmont, CA
  • Sold
612 Maple Street, San Mateo, CA
  • Sold
1228 Crestwood Dr, South San Francisco, CA
  • Sold

Customer Testimonials

147 Wildwood Avenue, San Carlos, CA

When we became serious about looking for a home, my husband and I met with 3 different realtors to figure out who would be the best fit for us. One did not seem to take us seriously and another made us feel very pressured/stressed when we were not ready to commit to particular houses. We met Holly in 2014 at an open house in Belmont and we were immediately impressed with how prepared she was with packet information, data, and she mentioned we can contact her if we wanted to 'interview' her. Several months later we decided to reach out to her (after the 1st realtor did not take us seriously) and we felt very comfortable with choosing her to represent us in the peninsula market. The market can be really, really TOUGH but Holly never once made us feel we should lose hope or sight of what is important to us. Several times she even advised that our bid price was too high for what the property was worth. Other times she'd tell us what she and other realtors think the house will go for after reaching out to several of her colleagues, the listing agent, etc. Once she represented us at the last minute in the South Bay (not really her region of expertise) and at the very last minute, my husband and I decided not to submit the bid in.. and she never made us for that last minute decision. It's important to Holly that her clients do what they feel is right for themselves. Sometimes trying to figure out the price on a house is a guessing game but she has great strategies for winning an offer; it's a matter of whether or not you feel comfortable with those strategies and making the final decision yourselves. Holly will help you through the home-buying process before, during, and take care of you even after close of escrow. She was always very responsive and did her best to meet us for every open house we wanted to go to (we'd provide her a list of homes we were interested in seeing). She went above and beyond being a realtor and she even helped us adjust and lower our bid on the house eventually ended up in. We highly anyone who is considering Holly as a realtor to least meet her in person to determine if she is a good fit. She's honest, straightforward, well-connected, patient, understanding, and a great guide and resource to have when going through the home buying experience.

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2212 BETTINA Avenue, Belmont, CA

We tried unsuccessfully for about 1.5 years to buy a house before we met Holly. She immediately put us on the right track that we were able to buy the house of dreams soon after we met her. We really wished that we had met Holly earlier in the process. She is honest, hardworking, professional and easy to work with, has lots of great connections and gives great advice, from what the house needs to negotiation tactics and successful accurate price estimates. She is always available to us and is very patient with all our questions. We really enjoyed working with Holly and highly recommend Holly to anyone looking to buy a home in the peninsula.

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1089 PORTO MARINO Drive, San Carlos, CA

Holly literally saved us $25k and I will tell you how. Holly did such an exemplary job with helping us to sell our house in Belmont that we of course turned to her when we looked to purchase in the hyper competitive San Carlos market. After 5 months of making offers and getting outbid, at times by offers in excess of $300k above the asking price, we were getting deflated. I never thought it would happen to me, but when the right house came along, I was ready to go "all in." When Holly heard our bid, she advised us that based on her decades of experience and intimate knowledge of San Carlos, our bid was too high and that we should lower it. We lowered our bid by $25k and still got our dream home in San Carlos. I do not know any other broker that would advise you to make a lower bid. Think about what that means - Holly clearly put our interests above everyone else. Holly - thank you so much! I also want to reiterate what many others have stated - that Holly is amazingly patient (she took us around San Carlos for months and kept us going even when we lost hope ourselves), goes above and beyond by scheduling inspections and attending on your behalf , and overall, she is simply outstanding. Holly - from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

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1010 Shoal Drive, San Mateo, CA

We worked with Holly and Debbie at Coldwell for the purchase of our first home in Foster City this year. We casually started to look at the beginning of the year, met Holly and Debbie in mid-February and closed on our purchase in June. The market conditions were brutal as expected but we pulled it through in less time than expected and Holly and Debbie are absolutely massive help throughout. The fact that they never tried to nudge us to do a quick buy and talked us out of many properties were thoroughly refreshing and probably the biggest plus. We were also generally quite busy during the whole year, with less than 2 hours per day of non-sleep-non-work time. We only had one day per weekend dedicated to the search and worked the other day. Even with our restrictive schedule, Holly and Debbie got out of their way to be super accessible and responsive. The fact that they mostly just were so experienced to be able to answer any questions I have (and I'm a really curious person) saved tons of headaches too. Holly is dependable, works fast, patient and willing to invest time on the customer, building relationships and transferring knowledge. Even her referrals post-sale were great when we were renovating after closing! We're super lucky to have found Holly and Debbie to be on our side and will definitely use them again if ever we are selling our house.

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2315 WOOSTER Avenue, Belmont, CA

Thank you so much Holly for helping my wife and I buy our first home, especially in this super-heated seller's market. In a competitive market where we were up against so many other well-qualified buyers, we really needed a strong, savvy, and hardworking Realtor and teammate. Holly definitely fit the bill! Holly's experience definitely helped guide our buying strategy and she was very level-headed throughout the offer and negotiation process. Thank goodness as we are relieved to have a home now and not have to spend countless more weekends driving around looking at open houses! Not only do you as the buyer (and your finances) need to come across as very credible to sellers, but it's also very helpful if your agent is well respected and known for facilitating successful transactions. Holly has a solid track record, is well-connected in the industry, and is well-respected. This gave my wife and I confidence that we would be well-represented to the sellers and to their listing agent. As it turns out, we got the first house that Holly helped us go after. After our offer was accepted, Holly diligently stayed on top of the transaction through close of escrow, e.g., by staying in good communication with the sellers, my lender, and my lender's appraiser. With Holly, I trusted that she would usher the transaction through to a successful end. On top of all this, working with Holly was great given her very personable and down-to-earth manner!

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